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Izabela Hendrix Methodist Institute was founded in 1904 by the North-American Methodist missionary Martha Watts. At first it was only the school for women's education, the first in Minas Gerais State to recognize their rights and understand the importance of women in the society.

With over a century of existence, Izabela Hendrix has a history that mixes itself with Belo Horizonte city trajectory. This capital of Minas Gerais State is 110 years old and shows in its traits and its people the sophistication and boldness of one who seeks the new without forgetting its roots. The institution which is part of the net of more than 700 universities, colleges and schools in all continents adopts this style: it values its memory, but it is original and projects the future in every moment.

Today Izabela Hendrix is a school and university center that has two campuses and carries on believing in the transforming power of the high quality education. With a modern and intelligent structure, high level teachers and an enterprising role in the educational scenery, oriented by the principles of a more just and equal society, Izabela Hendrix is walking towards becoming a university.

But structures and directress do not represent anything if they do not produce ideas and innovative solutions. For this, more than 4.000 people give their lives to Izabela Hendrix. They are students, teachers and workers who, together with the community, use laboratories, libraries, clinics, auditoriums, sport center, chapel, classrooms and conviviality spaces that improve our society.

In the Methodist tradition, the schools are not only a place to learn but also a place to live at. Besides the facilities mentioned, Izabela Hendrix has a theater with 400 seats equipped with a structure to hold cultural and academic events. Since 2007, it has an ample library, another pioneer project that reaffirms the ideals of this house where it is always time to learn to live, where tradition is the strong basis and innovation is the path to be walked.

To form socially responsible leaderships has been and will always be the methodology of this school. Izabela Hendrix is an institution that offers more than a qualified staff. It educates active and aware youth who mark the society as competent and ethic professionals.