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Na Izabela Hendrix Methodist School was established in 1904, by the American missionary Marta Watts. At the beginning, it was a school for women only, the first in Minas Gerais to recognize their rights and understand the importance of the female participation in society. Izabela Hendrix, like other Methodist schools, always adapted its educational projects to the requirements of the community where it is inserted. Therefore, in 1967 it became a mixed school by allowing also men's enrollment. Its goal is to form engaged and conscious leaders. So, since its inception, it defends education as a process that aims to develop a critical awareness in its students.

With a modern and intelligent structure, highly qualified teachers and actions oriented to the holistic formation of its students and their preparation for the construction of a fair, equal, peaceful and solidarity society, in which people can live with dignity and respect, Izabela Hendrix stands for its excellence in the education scenario of Minas Gerais. It offers a full time school with pedagogical proposals that stimulate not only sports, logical reasoning, and domain of multiple languages, but also socialization, independence, creativity and reflection. In addition, we have a quiet and pleasant environment for children and young people that stimulates learning and developing skills and competences through classes, workshops and different projects. We are recognized as a leading school in Belo Horizonte.

By being a confessional institution, Izabela Hendrix does not seek profit and invests all income in improving the quality of the service. So it can offer its students a wide area with sports courts and swimming pool, comfortable classrooms, modern computer labs, security cameras at strategic points, library and a theater equipped for the realization of cultural and academics events. In addition, to meet people with limited mobility, it has an infrastructure that allows accessibility to all its internal and external environments.


  • Primary School (regular and full time)
  • Junior High School (regular and full time)
  • High School (regular school for the first two years and full time for the last year)